Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday

Etsy is loaded with gorgeous, well made, hand made items. It's always the whimsy that makes my eyes widen & my mouse click. 

Here are this week's trifecta of
whimsical wonders!

Newborn Infant Handknit Stripe Hat

Black and Gold Team Sport

This shop reads like a story book - photo after photo
of adorable-ness!

Half Past Owl O-Clock - Steampunk OWL - ACEO Print -
Signed Limited Edition by Allison Stein

Want whimsy? Want delightful? Your eyes will thank you.  She does not limit herself to these oh so sweet owls.  You'll find bunnies, frogs and dragons and more.  
allisonstein's shop

Doggy Bobby, DreamsKingdom, adorable pet

Yep, this is an adorable dachshund but they make custom made portraits on any of their dolls too.
DreamsKingdom's shop